Thyoid Model with Lab Test Tube
What is considered a normal TSH range?

Is it “normal” for me? Serum TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) assessment is the most sensitive screening test for the diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction. The upper and lower limits of the normal serum TSH concentration continue to be debated by expert clinical thyroidologists. The upper TSH reference limit has progressively declined over the last decade thanks to more sensitive TSH assays, more accurate thyroid antibody tests, and a more accurate selection of the reference population. Thyroid hormone plays an essential role in energy expenditure, lipid and glucose metabolism, and vascular integrity, thus differences in thyroid function within the TSH reference range may be associated with negative health outcomes. Just because your lab result falls within the TSH reference range, does not necessarily mean these numbers are “normal” for you. Serum TSH levels can be managed well when evaluated, diagnosed and treated by a highly trained thyroid medical professional. If you are looking for more information regarding your “normal” TSH level, the Thyroid Virtual Clinic offers a safe, effective and convenient (100% online) way to diagnose and/or manage thyroid lab results from the comfort of your own home or workplace.