We at Thyroid Virtual Clinic are constantly advocating for patient education.

We firmly believe that an informed patient is a healthy patient.

We are also strong advocates for awareness of the importance and prevalence of thyroid disease among the general public and medical community at large.

With that in mind, we provide below the following collection of online resources and encourage all of our patients to take advantage of the various resources available here by these organizations.

We also offer our free educational program to any patients who aren’t quite ready for treatment from our clinic, but want to stay abreast of important thyroid-related topics and developments.

Free Educational Program

For those individuals who aren’t quite ready to enroll as a new patient of our virtual clinic, we offer a comprehensive educational program related to diseases and disorders of the thyroid, completely free of charge. Stay up to date on the latest trends and information from trusted sources!

The basic curriculum of our program includes:

  • The most common thyroid conditions and diseases
  • General causes of thyroid disease
  • Modalities of care/treatment options for thyroid disease
  • Commonly prescribed thyroid medications
  • Procedures to detect and treat thyroid cancer

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