We treat all disorders of the thyroid.

Thyroid Nodules

These are lumps in the thyroid gland caused by round or oval-shaped growths. Some nodules may represent cysts (filled with fluid) while others consist of solid material.   Some people have one thyroid nodule while others have many nodules.  Thyroid nodules are common and not usually harmful to one’s health.  However, in some cases nodules can be a sign of a serious condition such as cancer.  Small nodules may not cause any symptoms.  As thyroid nodules grow, they may cause a lump in the neck that can be felt through the skin, voice changes, or difficulty swallowing.   As some thyroid nodules may harbor cancer, monitoring of nodules with periodic thyroid ultrasounds is recommended. If nodules are large, tend to grow, have suspicious features on ultrasound or cause symptoms, or if there are additional risk factors for thyroid cancer (such as family history or radiation exposure), fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNA) is recommended.   Benign nodules are generally observed with periodic thyroid ultrasound while malignant nodules are usually treated (thyroid cancer).

In some cases, thyroid nodules produce excessive amount of thyroid hormone and cause overactive thyroid requiring an additional evaluation and treatment (hyperthyroidism)

How Does TVC Help People with Thyroid Nodules?

TVC clinicians can help to diagnose thyroid nodules by ordering a thyroid ultrasound on patients who either have symptoms suggestive of thyroid nodules, have risk factors for thyroid nodules or cancer, or who are just concerned and desire to be screened.  If patients have known thyroid nodules, TVC clinicians will monitor the nodules by ordering a thyroid ultrasound at recommended intervals, professionally interpret the findings, and refer patients with growing nodules for biopsy.  If nodules are benign on biopsy, subsequent monitoring with a periodic ultrasound is recommended, as no biopsy is 100% accurate, and if the biopsied or other nodules display growth over time, further evaluation is often required.  If thyroid cancer is diagnosed, TVC clinicians will refer patients to the best surgeons specializing in thyroid cancer.  TVC clinicians will also determine if the nodules cause overactive thyroid and if it is the case, will recommend necessary evaluation and treatment (hyperthyroidism).

TVC clinicians are always available to answer any questions you may have and will make any appropriate adjustments to your treatment plan, after communicating with you via secure messaging, video/audio conferencing, or live chat through our secure patient portal.