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Thyroid & Pregnancy

For women who have a pre-existing thyroid condition such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, this can often hinder a woman’s ability to become pregnant if not properly treated. For those who do become pregnant, extra care should be exercised during pregnancy to ensure proper control of the disease, since the fetus relies on the mother for the first trimester for hormones delivered through the placenta, and these hormones are essential to proper fetal development. If the mother’s thyroid disease goes untreated (or not properly managed) during pregnancy, it may lead to significant health problems for both mother and child.  Untreated hypothyroidism is associated with preeclampsia, gestational hypertension, placental abruption, preterm delivery, low birth weight, increased rate of cesarean section, postpartum bleeding, increased risk of mother’s death, as well as neuropsychological and cognitive impairment in the child.  Poorly controlled hyperthyroidism during pregnancy is associated with increased rates of spontaneous abortion, premature labor, low birth weight, stillbirth, preeclampsia and heart failure.  For women with thyroid nodules, these will require extra special attention during pregnancy as a thyroid ultrasound, biopsy and surgery, if needed, must be done at a specific time.

Many women desiring pregnancy may have undiagnosed hypo- or hyperthyroidism, especially if the condition is mild and does not cause any symptoms, but if untreated during pregnancy, may lead to increased risk of complications.  It is imperative to diagnose a thyroid condition in these women and institute appropriate treatment if needed, to minimize the risk of complications for mother and baby. The American Thyroid Association (www.thyroid.org) recommends universal screening of women who are either planning pregnancy or are newly pregnant who have any of the following:  history of hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism or current symptoms/signs of thyroid dysfunction, known thyroid antibody positivity or presence of a goiter, history of head or neck radiation or prior thyroid surgery, age >30 years, Type 1 diabetes or other autoimmune disorders, history of pregnancy loss, preterm delivery, or infertility, at least 2 prior pregnancies, family history of autoimmune thyroid disease or thyroid dysfunction, morbid obesity, use of amiodarone or lithium, or recent administration of iodinated radiologic contrast or residing in an area of known moderate to severe iodine insufficiency.

How Does TVC Help Pregnant Women or Women Considering Pregnancy?

TVC clinicians can help to diagnose thyroid abnormalities in women without any previous history of thyroid disease who are planning pregnancy and either have one of the risk factors listed above, or who are just concerned and wish to be screened for thyroid abnormalities, so that if a disease is found, it can be properly monitored or treated.

For women with a known thyroid disease, TVC offers a specialized Pregnancy Package to cater to women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. TVC clinicians will determine the most appropriate dose and type of thyroid medications and carefully monitor the thyroid blood levels throughout pregnancy to assure the delivery of a healthy baby by a healthy mother.  For women with thyroid nodules, TVC clinicians will recommend the proper timing for thyroid ultrasound and biopsy, if needed, professionally interpret the findings and provide recommendations to assure the best possible outcomes.

TVC clinicians are always available throughout your pregnancy to answer any questions you may have and will make any appropriate adjustments to your treatment plan, after communicating with you via secure messaging, video/audio conferencing, or live chat through our secure patient portal.