Fast and easy enrollment, quick turnaround, comprehensive and effective treatment, all at a very low cost, via our state-of-the-art, easy to use platform.

Why wait weeks or months to see an endocrinologist, take time from work or school, and incur the costs (in terms of both money and time) of having to travel to see a physician face-to-face, when you can just as effectively manage your condition at your own convenience via our virtual clinic?


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Our level of professionalism and expertise shows from the minute a patient enrolls in our 100% virtual platform.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, or think you may have one, TVC’s comprehensive clinical platform can help.

Our comprehensive process includes a detailed clinical screening, review of medical history and medications, ordering of any diagnostic testing (including lab tests, thyroid ultrasound or biopsy) followed by a diagnosis and issuance of a plan of care from one of our licensed clinicians. Plans of care include any necessary prescriptions for medication, sent to either your local pharmacy or filled via mail order, or if a surgical evaluation is necessary, we will provide referrals to the best thyroid surgeons available.

However, our services don’t end there. TVC’s goal is to stick with you through the long term and help you manage your thyroid illness over time. That’s why our clinicians will schedule a planned follow-up with you, and you’ll even receive a reminder when it’s approaching. If you’re ever not feeling well, or have a question on your medication, our clinicians are always available to help.

TVC uses proactive patient engagement via our state of the art, safe and secure platform to help you be more compliant with your plan of care to manage your thyroid condition as effectively as possible. By digitally engaging patients, we achieve better outcomes than your average brick-and-mortar physician practice. Even more, since we focus exclusively on thyroid disorders, we often produce better outcomes than general endocrinology practices that have a much broader focus.

And, it’s all included in one low price. Or, for those who have more intermittent needs, we always offer services on an a la carte basis.

Thyroid Virtual Clinic Vs. Brick and Mortar Clinic

IssueBrick and MortarTVC
Availability3-4 MonthsImmediate
Annual Cost $772 (cash)/$160 (insurance)$61.17
Time Off From WorkYesNo
Travel Time/CostYesNo
Wait in Waiting RoomYesNo
In-Home Lab TestingNoYes
Easy Rx RefillsNoYes

Our Process

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Following a quick and easy enrollment, TVC patients are then taken through our Clinical Questionnaire, our comprehensive and proprietary interactive interview, which asks about each patient’s history, symptoms, and medications. The results of the questionnaire are then sent to one of our clinicians, who orders any necessary testing (lab tests or other diagnostic tests), with lab testing done at either your local lab or, as a convenient alternative, via one of our home test kits. The TVC clinician then makes a diagnosis, and sends any necessary prescriptions to the patient’s designated pharmacy.

If at any time during the process our clinician needs to communicate with you, or you wish to communicate with them, we offer four options: secure messaging through our secure patient portal (respond at your own convenience!), live chat, audio phone call, or video conference.