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Synthroid or Levothyroxine?

Brand vs Generic?

While the FDA has deemed generic and branded thyroid preparations equal, the choice of therapy is condition dependent. Standard hypothyroidism is maintained well with a generic brand preparation, but individuals can have thyroid hormone fluctuations as a result of different production lines. It is important to be sure you are taking tablets created by the same manufacturing facility and be aware that adjustments to dosing may be necessary if your pharmacy changes their supplier. Due to these potential fluctuations of potency in generic preparations, patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer or pregnant thyroid patients are recommended to take branded preparations to maximize the stability of their conditions. Patient’s with gut conditions (gluten sensitivity; celiac sprue) may require a specific gluten free preparation as a result of medication malabsorption. Thyroid dysfunction and prescribing appropriate medications can be managed well when evaluated/diagnosed and treated by a highly trained thyroid medical professional. If you are looking for more information regarding what type of thyroid hormone replacement is right for you, please contact us.